Andrew Dunn

Here's a quick demo: http://www.cw.bc.ca/onlinecourses/showcase/resize/story.html I had to use HTML in the text to get line breaks - the variable text looks like this: "In this example, learners can resize the text on a page by clicking on one of the three size options above.Each click opens a new layer that displays the page text.The text is stored in a variable called ‘pageText’ and is displayed by adding an empty text box to the page and using a reference to the variable:". Also, Storyline isn't good a resizing a text box when the amount of text in a reference changes, so I had to make each text box a fixed size, large enough to hold all the text. All in all, I'd say David's original method is best, given the limitations of references, variables and text boxes in Storyline.... Expand