Engage 360's streamlined user interface lets you add and format text with ease. We redesigned the text editor to give you even more control over text and paragraph styling.

Adding Text

Select an item in the Steps panel on the left side of the screen, then use the center panel to enter text for it. Type your text, or copy and paste it from another source. It couldn't be easier.

Formatting Text

The second tab on the Engage ribbon (which corresponds to the type of interaction you're building) includes the most common text formatting features, such as font, size, color, alignment, and bullets.

Go to the Format Text tab on the ribbon for even more formatting features, such as clipboard options, subscript, superscript, symbols, and line spacing.

Here are some tips for working with the font and paragraph tools:

  • Hover over any button in the ribbon to see its function.
  • You can apply formatting to a word, phrase, paragraph, or entire step. To quickly select a word, just double-click it. To quickly select a paragraph, triple-click any word in the paragraph.

Using Keyboard Shortcuts

Use these keyboard shortcuts for common tasks to save time.




Select all




Center align text




Insert a hyperlink


Left align text


Right align text




Change the selected text to subscript


Change the selected text to superscript


Increase font size


Decrease font size


Find even more keyboard shortcuts here.

Changing Fonts for an Entire Interaction

To change the font for an entire interaction all at once, do this:

  1. Go to the second tab on the ribbon (which corresponds to the type of interaction you're building) and click Interaction Properties.
  2. Select the Colors and Effects tab on the left edge of the window that appears.
  3. Use the Title font and Content font drop-downs to choose your fonts.
    • The title font is used for the title of your interaction and the title of each step.
    • The content font is used for the details of each step in your interaction.

Changing Text Colors for an Entire Interaction

To change the text color for an entire interaction all at once, select different theme colors, edit existing theme colors, or create new theme colors. Here’s how:

  1. Go to the second tab on the ribbon, click Colors, then do any of the following:
    • Left-click theme colors to apply them to your interaction.
    • Right-click custom theme colors to edit them. (Built-in theme colors can’t be edited.)
    • Click Create New Theme Colors at the bottom of the list to create a new theme.
  2. If you’re creating or editing theme colors, use the selectors on the color editor to customize your theme.
  3. Click OK to save your changes and, if prompted, give your theme colors a name.

To learn more about working with theme colors in Engage, see this user guide.

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