Using Progress Indicators to Display Learner Status in E-Learning #368

Using Progress Indicators in E-Learning #368: Challenge | Recap

Showing learners their progress is a great way to help them feel motivated and empowered. That’s because progress indicators provide visual and immediate feedback to help learners know where they are in the course. And keeping learners on track with custom progress bars, meters, and gauges is what this week’s challenge is all about.

Challenge of the Week

This week, your challenge is to show how custom progress trackers can be used in e-learning. Your example can be static or interactive but share your ideas for helping learners track their progress.

New Entries Only!

We hosted the first progress meters challenge more than seven years ago. Since then, course creators have shared dozens of examples and downloads in the community. Because progress bars are so popular, we’re asking that you only share new examples in this week’s challenge.

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Last Week’s Challenge:

Before you visually track your learners’ progress, check out the creative ways course designers use hints and prompts to guide learners to make good choices in quizzes.

Using Hints and Clues in E-Learning #367

Using Hints and Clues in E-Learning #367: Challenge | Recap

Ron Katz
Jodi M. Sansone
Daniel Canaveral

Bonjour Heroes. Here is a dynamic two-speed progress indicator (forward and backward) for a final 5-question quiz. (Actually, that's a great name for just a bouncy little thing). I think that in the theme I am talking about (health and care), there can be incorrect answers, but also better answers. Like incorrect answers and even worse than incorrect answers. Try and try all the answers again to see the gauge move and Isabel's attitude, but of course you only have to get correct or better answers to pass this test. Some learning designers don't like pass/fail indicators during the quiz, but it can strongly boost learner engagement by measuring resistance to stress and discouragement or competitive spirit. The debate is open. Expand

Jeffrey Riley
Mark Hopper
Jackie Van Nice
Alison Sollars
Amelia Altstadt
Jackie Van Nice
Lanie Kepler
Jackie Van Nice
Jeffrey Riley
Karin Lorbeck
Jackie Van Nice
Daniel Canaveral
Jeffrey Riley
Jared Speight