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Some of my favorite e-learning projects are single slide interactions that showcase a wide variety of the awesome capabilities featured in Articulate Storyline. Take this adherence rate interaction: I built something similar for a former client and really loved the challenges it presented.

Image of an Adherence Rate Interaction

The core of this interaction is a running calculation. I used number variables to track the learner’s choices and calculate a running percentage in order to demonstrate how the learner’s behavior impacts the adherence rate. Additionally, the interaction leverages key Storyline features such as states, layers, and triggers. And did I mention true/false variables? Oh yes, I brought them to this little soirée as well.

In the following series of videos, I’ll walk you through how I constructed this interaction. I’ll begin with a big-picture overview, then do a deep dive into the creation process. But before you start, be sure to download the completed source file for reference.