Have you ever wanted to highlight information or call-out something specific in your e-learning courses? With Storyline there are many easy ways to do this, and one way is by using the triggers and states. Let's look at how to use these great features to create a triggered glow effect that will draw your learners attention.

On the sample graph below the goal is to highlight each vertical bar when the mouse hovers over the corresponding coloured cube in the legend.

While there are different ways you can do this, here is the simple three-step process I followed to create this effect:

1. Add a hover effect

I selected my cube shape and added a hover state to it so it glows purple when users hover over it.

2. Add a custom state

Next, I added a custom state to the corresponding bar in the graph, named it “Glow,” and gave it the same purple glow effect as I gave to the cube.

3. Add a trigger

Now that each object has a state, the final step is to set up a trigger to make the magic happen. Simply create a trigger that says “Make the bar in the graph glow when the user hovers over this cube.”

And that’s all it takes to create a simple triggered glow effect in Storyline. If you want to see a more detailed, step-by-step tutorial of the process, check out this screencast:

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