Developing high-quality, engaging content can be time-consuming. But don’t worry—with the real-content templates in Content Library 360, you can quickly deploy fully developed training full of prewritten content, instructional videos, and interactive exercises. Editing real-content template is easy too, making it a breeze to personalize your courses to fit your needs.

From time management to mental health to effective meetings and more, here are the templates our customers found most valuable in 2023.

1. Time Management Essentials

For the second year in a row, Time Management Essentials is the number one most popular real-content course. This crowd-pleasing course gives learners valuable tips for making the most of their time. 

2. Developing a Growth Mindset

Is your team feeling stuck? Want to help employees unlock their potential? Try sharing this course to help learners identify roadblocks and reignite growth.

3. Leading with Emotional Intelligence

Explore empathy, social skills, and other essential soft skills for leadership in this course.

4. The Basics of Managing Stress

Give your learners valuable information about the connection between the body and stress and actionable tips for how to manage it.

5. 5-Day Challenge to Improve Your Mental Health

Challenge your learners to improve their mental health in just five days with interactive exercises, reflection questions, and more.

6. Workplace Communication Basics

Help your team communicate more effectively with the verbal and written strategies in this course.

7. Resolving Conflict with Coworkers

Conflict is inevitable, but it doesn’t have to slow your team down. Use this course to teach your team how to work through common issues.

8. Communication Fundamentals

Help your team understand why communication matters and learn actionable tips and tricks to improve their skills.

9. A Guide to Effective Meetings

Use this course to establish a culture of productive, energetic meetings within your team. 

10. Soliciting and Responding to Customer Feedback

Help your employees gather and respond expertly to customer feedback with this story-driven course.


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