When you design e-learning courses for organizations, oftentimes you have to include a certain level of branding, such as logos, corporate color schemes, and fonts. Luckily, Studio ’13 makes it simple to brand your courses. Let’s have a look at three easy ways:


Add Your Logo

A logo is the most straightforward way to brand your course. The great thing is, the Studio ’13 player has a spot specifically designed for the logo. Simply pop it in the top left corner of the course, directly above the menu.

Update the Player Colors

You can use a subtle touch when you incorporate colors into your design. In the example above, the company logo has some blue in it. However, instead of making the whole player blue, which might be overwhelming, we’ve added touches of blue here and there, such as in the seek bar and menu items. This incorporates the company color without overdoing it.

Customize the Fonts

Consider using custom fonts in your project to match your organization’s specified font. In the example above, I used the company’s font, Brittanic Bold, for a few details, such as a header title and some on-screen text. Like the use of color, it can be a subtle touch that brings the organization’s branding into your design.

Between the logo, color scheme, and fonts, you can easily brand your Studio ’13 course to fit your organization’s requirements. Do you have any experience working with branding guidelines? If so, please leave a comment and share your tips and advice with others in the community!

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