illustration of sunglasses in motion

In your courses, there are many ways you can use movement to make the learning experience more compelling. Animation can draw learners’ attention to important text or images, make a scenario feel more realistic, or enhance learning games, for example. When you’re not quite sure where to start building an animation in Storyline, don’t sweat it. The E-Learning Heroes community has you covered. We’ve selected a few of our favorite animation downloads to kickstart your creative process. Take a look!

  1. Bring the beauty of nature to your course with this butterfly animation by Felipe Casajus.
  2. Point out key information on a slide with this fly-in hand animation by John Toh.
  3. See how Lili Seram animates an illustrated character in her download, then try it yourself!
  4. Add movement to text slides with this hide and show button animation by Felipe Casajus.

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