Results slides are a commonly used, yet rarely discussed, feature in e-learning courses. They’re an important component of your course because they tell learners about their course performance and final results. I’ve been working closely with results slides lately in Articulate Storyline and thought I would share some key things that are good to know about them.

Types of Results Slides

To insert a new results slide, simply click Insert new slide, then go to the Quizzing tab and choose Results. Here you’ll see three types of quizzes available: Graded, Survey, and Blank. In both Graded and Blank quizzes, you can add a score to the results slide. Graded results slides are also pre-populated with the appropriate result scores and feedback layers for pass and fail outcomes. For surveys, you can show text and multimedia on the results slide, but not a score.

Graded Results Slide Creates Four Variables

Any time you add a results slide to a Graded quiz, Storyline automatically creates four variables for that slide. These variables track the points accumulated by the learner and determine if they’ve met the passing score set for your course. The variables store both the maximum possible score and the learner’s score on the results slide.

You Can Display Results in Points or Percentages

Even if you assign points to each question slide, you can still set the passing score for your course as a percentage. And the great thing is, Storyline can track and display both the points and the percentage so you have more flexibility over how you present and calculate your results. You can use both on your results slide, or you can remove one to show just the resulting points or percentage.

You Can Calculate Results from Multiple Results Slides

In some e-learning projects, you might have a quiz at the start of the module to assess the learner’s knowledge before they take the course, and another quiz later on to see how well they learned the course material. In this scenario, you might want a final results slide that rolls up multiple quizzes into a result for the entire course.

With Storyline, it’s easy to calculate an aggregated result from multiple slides. When you insert your results slide, the Results Properties window will appear. Here, you’ll notice a drop-down menu at the top that says Calculate Results For. From this dropdown, select Results Slide. Here, you can choose if the learner has to pass each individual quiz, or if you’d like to combine the points from all the quizzes to determine an overall score for the course.

There you have it: four simple things to know about working with Storyline results slides. The more you know about how they work, the better you can present your learners with the information about how they did in your e-learning course. Do you have any tips of your own about working with results slides? If you do, please leave a comment below!

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Diana Myers

Hey Nicole! We ran into a similar issue in a course that includes 2 versions of the same material: one in English, the other in French. We figured out a way to make it work in our course (explained below), but I'm really curious if / how the Results from Multiple Results Slides you described in the "Fourth Thing" of your post would work for us. In the course I mentioned, learners select either the English or French version at the beginning of the course and continue through the content. At the end their respective content, learners must take a quiz (with questions pulled from a question bank) until they achieve a passing score. For passing/completion of the course itself, it doesn't matter which of the two quizzes (English or French) is passed as long as one of them is passed. ... Expand

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