If your Articulate 360 Teams subscription lapses, you'll lose access to personal and shared content. To restart your service and regain access to that content, you’ll need to contact us at success@articulate.com

In this article, you'll learn what happens to your team members and content when you move to a new subscription after a lapse and how to complete the process with our help.

What to Expect

We'll coordinate with you to process the new subscription. At that time, we'll transfer all team members and their content to the new subscription. The transfer is seamless.

Here's what your team members can expect for their user accounts, local project files, online personal content, and online shared content when joining the new subscription.

User Accounts

Team members will have the same Articulate IDs (email addresses), passwords, and online content that they had before the lapse.

Local Content

Storyline 360, Studio 360, Replay 360, and Peek 360 projects saved on users' local computers stay there. Team members can access those files again once they join the new subscription.

Online Personal Content

We'll transfer the Rise 360 content and Review 360 items in each team member's personal folders to the new team. Personal content is associated with a user's Articulate ID, so team members will have access to all their content and keep assigned collaborator roles when the transfer is complete.

Online Shared Content

We'll transfer all shared content from the lapsed subscription to the new one, including:

Team members will have access to the same shared content as they did before the transfer.

Request a New Subscription

Here's how to request a new subscription to replace a lapsed one:

  1. Find the subscription number for the lapsed subscription by referencing past order confirmations or renewal notification emails. (If you can't find the subscription number, reach out anyway. We'll do our best to get you set up.)
  2. Determine which previous seat holders will join the new subscription.
  3. Email the information from steps 1 and 2 above to success@articulate.com.

We'll walk you through the process from there. Our team will:

  • Create a new subscription to replace the lapsed one
  • Transfer users and their content to the new subscription
  • Explain how to find transferred content

I manually added users to a new subscription, and now they can't find their shared content. What do I do?

No problem! If you started the reactivation process on your own, we can still help you transfer the shared content to the new subscription. Contact our support team to get started.