Best of 2016: The 10 Most Popular PowerPoint Downloads

We’ve got good news! We’re going to help you bring 2016 to a close in style by collecting all of the most useful downloads, articles, and roundups from this year into one epic series. It’ll be your go-to for making sure you didn’t miss any of 2016’s best stuff here on E-Learning Heroes.  

We’ll start with this year’s most downloaded PowerPoint templates. Check out these freebies that’ll help you create great-looking e-learning—and fast. You’ll find tabs layouts, graphics you can repurpose, and much more.

  1. Borrow from the many beautiful interactions built into this image-rich, environmental-themed template by Trina Rimmer.
  2. Create a simple click-and-reveal interaction with this notebook-inspired tabs template by Nicole Legault.
  3. Put these flat-style tech device mockups by Mike Taylor into your course to help learners feel like they’re interacting with smartphones, tablets, and other everyday devices.
  4. Add some cheerful people to your next project with these customizable illustrations by Ashi Tandon.
  5. Let learners explore information with this richly colorful tabs interaction by Nicole Legault.
  6. Grab this freebie to apply Nicole Legault’s simple approach to visualizing data with PowerPoint to your next data-focused interaction.
  7. Check out this rich download by Trina Rimmer, which includes several layouts you can use to build a fun course.
  8. Picture this: another sweet, customizable illustration by Ashi Tandon that you can use to add some personality to your next project.
  9. Try on the modern look and feel of this healthcare-themed template by Montse Anderson—it’s easy to swap out the medical imagery to make this template work for any sector!
  10. Create custom navigation or interactions in a flash with these customizable finance-themed icons by Trina Rimmer.

Looking for more great PowerPoint templates? Dig into the E-Learning Heroes downloads hub to find tons of assets you’ll be able to use in all your projects. And if you’d like to see past year’s collections of popular discussions, downloads, tutorials, and more, check out our Best of 2014 and our Best of 2015 series.