If you’ve ever had to deliver training, you’re probably familiar with training schedules. A training schedule is a useful tool that learners use to glean information about the training plan. It’s typically used for instructor-led or blended training programs; it contains information about the topics and activities that will be covered in the training, as well as the time allocated for each. It might also contain information about the instructor(s), additional resources, and other helpful tidbits the learners might benefit from knowing.

Traditionally, training schedules were printed out and distributed to learners. Nowadays, in an effort to minimize impact on the environment, they can be created digitally and shared with learners on the web. 

Here are a few examples of digital training schedules you can use the next time you deliver training: 

  • This Rise 360 training schedule template by Nicole Legault is a great tool for facilitating your next training session. Simply download the template and swap out the text content for your own!
  • Got a week-long training program you want to build a plan for? This interactive training schedule created by Allison LaMotte in Storyline 360 will be perfect for you. You can even click on the session titles to learn more about each topic.
  • Want to use PowerPoint to create your training schedule? Save time by downloading this prebuilt training schedule template. Simply adjust the times and topics to customize this template in no time. 

Feeling inspired by these examples? Got any tips or tricks you use when building training schedules? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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