Changing the Player's Color Scheme

Presenter offers 20 pre-designed color schemes. You can use the color schemes as they're designed, or use them as starting points for your own custom creations.

If you're following along, I'm working in Lesson Files > Chapter 06 > ColorScheme.pptx.

For this example, we'll modify our existing Color Scheme to create our own custom colors.

  1. Go to Articulate > Player Templates and select the Colors tab
  2. From the Color Scheme menu, select Charcoal to apply the Charcoal colors. We'll use this scheme as our starting point.
  3. Next, select Edit Color Schemes... to edit the Charcoal color scheme

Apply the following updates to the Colorizer II

  • Unviewed slide titles: #E9E8D8
  • Viewed slide titles: #646464
  • Tab text: #C24837
  • Active tab gradient top: #272727
  • Active tab gradient bottom: #313131

Click OK to apply the colors and rename the Color Scheme: DIYTC_Colors

Save the Player Template

The current template is the default, Corporate Communications. When you close to save the Color Scheme, you'll be asked to save the current template.

  1. Enter DIYTC_v1 for the new template name
  2. Click OK


Take a look at this Interactive Colorizer. It's an interactive representation of the color scheme options available in Presenter.

What's next?

In the next lesson we'll customize our new player template to control the presentation size of our course.