You’ve probably heard by now how important it is to prepare for the end of Flash by updating and republishing your Flash-based courses by December 31, 2020. But did you know that your authoring experience might also be affected by Adobe’s decision to end support for Flash? Before you start to panic, if you’re already using Rise 360, Storyline 360, Storyline 3, or Studio 360 you’re in good shape! These apps were developed without Flash dependencies, so the end of Flash won’t have any impact on your authoring experience.

But what if you’re not using the most updated versions of these apps? Let’s take a closer look at what you can expect.

Apps That Won’t Work Post-Flash

If you’re using any of the older versions of our apps—like Storyline 1, Storyline 2, Studio ’09, or Studio ’13—you’ll need to upgrade to Articulate 360 or Storyline 3 to continue creating courses. That’s because these legacy apps rely on Flash to run certain features, so once Adobe disables Flash Player, you might not be able to use them reliably. For this reason, we’ll stop supporting these apps at this time.

There’s Still Time

Using one of our older apps? The good news is you’ve still got until the end of 2020 to upgrade. That leaves you plenty of time to do a free, 30-day trial of Articulate 360 and get up to speed on all the amazing apps and resources that are included. Interested in learning more? Here are some articles to check out:

More Resources

The end of Flash may seem daunting, but we’ve put together some resources to give you a leg up. Here they are:

If you have any other questions about how the end of Flash will impact you or your learners, be sure to check out these FAQs or leave your question in the comments below.

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Paul Barker

Hi Allison. The information over the past 12 months or more and the efforts to remove any Flash dependency from Articulate products has been great. We still have a long way to go to migrate all of our material, mainly as we have a massive library of Flash animations that are embedded in our slides. We are still using Presenter 09 to produce classroom training material, one of the main reasons being that 09 is the last Articulate product that produced true full-screen output. (We use Storyline 3 for online training) The line from above that concerns me is "once Adobe disables Flash Player, you might not be able to use them reliably". Not understanding how Flash operates on a PC, it is hard to know how likely it is that we will be able to publish with Presenter 09 after December.... Expand