In Quizmaker ‘09, one of the ways you can customize the look of your quiz slides is by arranging and animating items on your slides to appear in just the right places, at just the right times. Here’s what you need to know about controlling the layers and timing of objects.

Opening Quizmaker’s Timeline

First, open up the timeline like this:

  1. In Quizmaker, open the question you want to work with by double-clicking on it.
  2. Click Slide View.
  3. Click the small double arrow in the lower-right corner of the Slide View window. (If you don't see the arrow, then first click the View tab and mark Timeline.)

Rearranging the Layers on Your Slide

All the elements on your slide will be listed in the timeline. Items are listed in the same order in which they're layered on your slide. In other words, the topmost items are closest to the front, or top, layer of the slide. Any sound that you've recorded in Quizmaker, or imported, will appear as an element on the timeline too.

To change the layering order, select an item on the timeline and drag it up or down.

Hiding and Unhiding Layers

When you're working with lots of items on your slides, sometimes it's nice to be able to see and work with just certain elements. You can click the eye icon next to any item that you'd like to hide for the moment. Click the eye again to unhide that item. This feature's similar to the selection pane in PowerPoint 2007 and later.

If you hide something on your slide, it's hidden from Quizmaker too, so when you publish, it won't appear in your output. So remember to unhide things again before you publish.

Locking Objects

Locking is another cool feature of the timeline. Click the box next to the eye icon for any items that you want to lock from editing. This is helpful if you want to make sure that certain objects don't get accidentally moved or modified when you're working with other items on your slide.

Expanding Multi-Item Answers

For many of the question types in Quizmaker, you can work with each answer choice separately in the timeline. This is helpful if you want to control when each answer choice appears or if you want to animate them separately.

At first, the answer choices will be grouped together and you need to ungroup them in order to work with them as individual items. Just click the triangle next to any question item to expand the group.

Change the Timing of Items on Your Slide

If you want to change when an item appears, you can drag it to a different spot on the timeline. You can also drag either the left or right boundary on each item to control when it appears and disappears.

Zooming the View of the Timeline

To get a closer look at the timeline, you can zoom your view in or out. Just use the slider on the zoom tool in the lower-left corner. Drag left for a wider view, or drag right for a closer view.

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