Fun fact: all of the graphics displayed in the following image were created directly in Articulate Storyline.

How did I use Storyline as a graphic creation tool? Simply be using the shapes feature. Yes it's that easy to create custom graphics with Storyline. The key is to learn to apply the appropriate fill colors, shadows and gradients to your shapes, which will give your graphics a realistic look-and-feel. Here's the steps I follow to create my custom graphics

Find your inspiration

If I want to create a graphic of a mouse, I'll usually start with Google and do an image search of "mouse graphic". Then I'll find an image of a graphic that looks like it's made from simple shapes, and which looks like I can re-create it. I'll take a quick screen capture of this image and bring it into Storyline to use as a reference point to create my graphic. 

Insert and place shapes

Next, with my graphic in place that serves as my guide for what i want to create, I add the shapes I need onto my slide, by inserting them from the Shapes tab on the Storyline ribbon. Once I have all my shapes I need to place them just right. To do this, I may need to rotate and overlay them on top of each other. Once they're in place, I add the appropriate fill colors and shadows. 

Group the shapes

Once a shape is laid out just right, I will create a group for the shapes by selecting all of them and right-clicking and selecting Group. Now they will appear as one item in the timeline, and can easily be moved around on the slide. 

These shapes are great because once you have them create you can customize the colors and use them over and over again.

Ian Skuse