It only takes a few clicks to make a backup of your audio, and the peace of mind is well worth it. It's also nice to have a separate audio file of each slide's narration, in case you want to reapply some of my audio to a different project, or share any of the audio files with another developer.

Here's how to create a backup of you audio files:

  1. In PowerPoint, open your presentation and click Audio Editor on the Articulate menu.
  2. When the audio editor opens up, you'll see the waveform of your slide narration. Click the Articulate button in the upper-left corner and choose Export.
  3. Select WAV or MP3. (For best results in Articulate-published projects, we recommend choosing WAV, since that format will give you the best sound quality in your published output.)
  4. Choose a location for your files, and click OK.

Presenter exports your audio to the location you chose. The file names will reflect the slide number and the slide's navigation title:

Now you can move or copy the backup files to whatever secure location you choose.

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