A great topic recently came up in the forums from community member Ludvig about working with quizzes in Articulate Storyline. The question was, when you click the “Review Quiz” button on the Results slide at the end of a quiz, how do you customize the review layers that appear?

It’s a great question and touches on a few important things. For example, did you know you can customize the review layer, and add additional content to it? Two things you can’t edit, however, are the Correct and Incorrect feedback bars that appear along the bottom of the slide. But what you can do is create your very own custom review layers using a simple True/False variable, and a few triggers.

It’s definitely a process worthy of a step-by-step walk-through in our video tutorial, so check it out here on our YouTube channel.

Do you have any tips of your own about creating custom review layers for Storyline? If you do, leave a comment below! We love to hear your feedback.

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hello, I have two courses developed by an external vendor in which they succeeded in showing only the Incorrect answers in the Review. I see and understand that they played with variables and conditions, like showing an extra "Incorrect" banner (layer) only if the object selected (for example radio button 1, 2, 3 etc. or checkbox 1,2,3 etc. was selected or not) . They also created a rectangle that cover the whole scene, that I'm not sure that I get what's for. However, when I publish with this trick, the Review and the Incorrect layers (I mean the behavior expected in the trigger) shows up BEFORE the quiz is finished and right after the submit button is clicked. So basically I can't go to the next slide unless I answer it correctly. Basically, what I'm expecting to see on the Review is ha... Expand

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