Creating the Introduction Slide

Our quiz kicks off with an introduction slide and not an actual quiz question. We'll work with Blank Slides twice in this chapter: first as introduction slides and later, as remediation slides.

If you're following along, I'm working in Lesson Files > Chapter 07 > BlankSlide.quiz

Let's create the introduction slide now.

  1. Open Quizmaker
  2. Click Create a new quiz > Graded Quiz
  3. Click OK
  1. Click Blank Slide
  2. For the ENTER THE TITLE: box, type "Knowledge Check"
  3. Click Slide View

At this point we have a slide that looks a lot like a PowerPoint slide. In Slide View, you have a lot of control over your design layout and elements.

Inserting Images

  1. Insert the car image by going to Insert > Picture and select Car.png
  2. Click OK
  3. Repeat to insert Host.png

Creating the Callout

  1. Click Insert > Shapes > Rounded Rectangular Callout
  2. Click-drag to create the shape
  3. To modify the callout, click-drag the adjustment handle to point the callout to the host
  4. With the callout selected, click Format > Shape Fill > White
  5. From the Shape Outline menu, select Black
  6. Click Insert > Text
  7. Click-drag a text selection box inside the rectangular callout
  8. Type "Flat tire? No problem!"
  9. In the Font menu, select Comic Sans (yes, this is an appropriate place to use Comic Sans!)
  10. In the Font Size menu, select 18

And the final image. Looks pretty good, doesn't it?

Save Your Work

  1. Click Save & Close to return to Quizmaker's Question View
  2. Click Save from the menu bar to save your project
  3. Click Preview to view your quiz intro slide

Preview the slide

What's Next?

At this point we have our quiz intro slide set up, so we're ready to start creating some quizzes. In the next lesson, we'll create the Sequence Drag and Drop question. This is a great question-type for our process-driven course.

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