Quizmaker ‘09 simplifies the task of communicating users’ quiz or survey results to them. This is great, because we all know how frustrating it is to complete an assessment or survey without receiving so much as a “thank you” or “here’s-how-your-answers-stacked-up” afterward.

Here are three easy steps to customizing your quiz or survey results.

Step 1:  Turn on Your Result Slide

First, make sure your quiz is set to display a results slide when users finish your quiz or survey. For a quiz, you can show results when a user passes, when they fail, or for either situation. In surveys, you create just one results slide—since surveys aren't graded, you won't have separate pass/fail results.

Here's what to do:

  1. Open your quiz or survey in Quizmaker.
  2. Click the button for the results slide you'd like to enable:
    • If you're working with a quiz, select Pass Result for the slide users see when they pass, or Fail Result for the slide users see when they fail.
    • If you're working with a survey, select Survey Result.
  3. Mark the topmost box to turn on the results slide.

Step 2:  Set Result Options

Now go ahead and use this same screen to customize things. The options you choose here will determine what appears on the results slide that your users see—including any buttons that allow users to review, email, or print their results.

A few things to keep in mind here as you set up your options:

  • If you're working with a survey: You won't have any score-related items to choose on this screen, since surveys aren't graded.
  • Show passing score:  If you mark this item for your quiz, the score displayed on the results slide is the one you chose in the quiz properties. For more info on adjusting the pass/fail cutoff, see this tutorial.
  • Allow user to email results:  Results data are best managed through a learning management system (LMS) that is SCORM- or AICC-compliant, or a solution such as Articulate Online. However, if these options aren't available to you, you can mark this box to allow users to email their raw, comma-separated data to the address you choose. You can paste the data into a spreadsheet such as Excel and organize it from there.
  • Allow user to print results:  This enables a button on the results slide which users can click to open a new HTML window containing their printable results.

Step 3: Design the Look of Your Slide

Okay, so you've set your options, but what about the look of your slide? Click Preview to see how your results slide will appear to your users.

Does your slide have the right appeal and tone? Or does it need a little facelift? Maybe there's something additional that you want users to see or hear when you show them their results. No problem on any of that—it's easy to make this slide look however you want:

  1. With your result slide open, select Slide View.
  2. You'll see a freeform view of your slide, where you can change or add anything you like. The sky's the limit! Rearrange things, add images, format your text, insert some objects, apply a design theme  — heck, if you want you could even add some animated confetti or an audio file of trumpet fanfare!

If you're not yet familiar with the options available in Slide View, you might want to check out some of the other Quizmaker tutorials listed at the bottom of this page. It's pretty easy to spruce things up without spending loads of time. As an example, here's the slide we saw earlier, before and after spending a few minutes making some simple improvements:

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