Here’s a fun widget you should add to your e-learning toolkit: Fodey's Newspaper Generator.

You supply the headlines - Fodey generates the newspaper graphic. It's a quick and dirty design element with lots of possibilities.

What I also like is there's no logo or branding on the graphic. Their only request is that you don't use real-world newspaper names in your graphic. That's fine with us, right? The best part is coming up with your own names and headlines.

So how would you use something like this? One way would be to use it at the beginning of each chapter or module in an ethics or compliance courses. The headline could summarize or lead into each chapter.

For example, consider a course on document retention. A case study referencing Enron could include a headline, “Per Dave–No more shredding:

So give it a try and share your custom headlines in the comments.

Post written by David Anderson