Take An E-Learning Holiday

Happy Friday, E-Learning Heroes!

Since many of us here in the US are on holiday this week, I thought it would be a good time to take a much deserved break from the challenges.

If you can't bear the thought of missing a challenge, you can always jump into an earlier challenge. Here are a few of my favorite challenges: 

Enjoy your challenge holiday. We'll see you next week!

Jackie Van Nice
Andrew Sellon

Here's a bit of holiday-related (and now belated) trivia with regard to July 4th: On July 4th, 1862, Charles Dodgson (aka Lewis Carroll) originally told the story that would become "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" to Alice and two of her sisters. And this year, 2015, marks the 150th anniversary of the original publication of "Wonderland." I'm a member of the Lewis Carroll Society of North America, and this October, we're spearheading an international conference about Lewis Carroll and Alice and the book(s). I was thinking it might be swell to do a Wonderland-themed challenge sometime around the conference week (10/5-11). It could be something as simple as a single slide with something nonsensical about it, or as ambitious as presenting a chapter of the book in Storyline--collaborati... Expand