At Solutions Fest 2013, I demonstrated how to easily build a really cool showcase of e-learning examples with Articulate Storyline. I first created a bookshelf, and then I filled it with images of book covers linked to various e-learning courses.

Then, based on this design, I created a template (in both PowerPoint and Storyline) for community members to download and use in their projects. This free download included several books that developers might want to use, but the book covers weren’t editable and eventually community members started asking if I could create some more flexible options. So that’s exactly what I did! I mocked up some books in PowerPoint that you can use on the bookshelf or in another one of your projects.

To construct the necessary pieces for the books, I used the PowerPoint shape tools.  And since I used the shape tools, you can quickly alter the book covers with PowerPoint’s formatting options. You can simply change the color or you can use your favorite textures, image fills, or alpha overlays, as I did in the examples below. In fact, if you’re looking for free textures to make your book cover really pop, check out Tom’s recent blog post on finding free textures for your project.   

In the following video, I’ll show you how to quickly alter the book images included in the download.

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Alex Rodriges