One of my favorite features in Storyline is the lightbox. This built-in tool makes it super easy to bring important content to the forefront while fading out other elements. While you can use the versatile lightbox in many ways, today I’ll give you two ideas for enhancing your next e-learning project with a lightbox.

Use a Light Box to Keep Instructions on Your Course Player

Have you ever wished you could add a set of instructions that learners could access anytime? You can! Just add a tab on your player that lightboxes an instructions slide. Here’s how to set it up:

1. Create your instructions slide.

2. In the player properties menu, click the icon to add a new player tab.

3. When the trigger wizard opens (your new tab is actually a trigger), adjust the settings to lightbox your instructions slide.

To see this process in action, watch Jeanette Brooks’s tutorial.


Build a Brilliant Media Gallery in Storyline

I’ve seen terrific lightboxes on professional photo and video websites. It’s easy to use this approach to create a stunning media gallery. I created this example in Storyline with the following steps:

1. Create a new slide for each piece of media that you'd like to display.  We'll call these "media slides".

2. Place your media elements (images, video, etc.) on these media slides.

3. On a "home" slide, create triggers to lightbox each media slide.

I'll show you how to add a lightbox media gallery to your next project in this video:

Do you have some great ideas for using lightboxes? Share them with the Articulate community! Add your comments below, or post your examples on E-Learning Heroes. We’d love to see how you implement this awesome tool.  If you’d like more tips like this, please follow us on Twitter!

Amy Heber
Mike Enders