Why I designed this template

A few months ago I was playing around with some different shapes and ideas in Storyline, and I started developing this simple tablet-style template. I was hoping to be able to build more of a course around it, but it's been months and the file has just been sitting and gathering dust in my "Misc. Projects" folder. I thought perhaps this fun template can actually be put to good use if I share the template here with the community.

I used a wooden texture image for the background, and created the tablet using shapes right in Storyline. The paper and post-it notes in the background are also created just using rectangular shapes, which I rotated and added a drop-shadow to, right in Storyline. I've used a variety of colorful buttons to create the "app" icons on the screen of the tablet. 

Simple triggers used to show more content

I created a new layer for every icon (or "app") on the tablet's screen. I added a trigger to each icon to show the corresponding layer when the mouse hovers over the icon. This way the users can see a little description of what content they will see if they click on this icon.

Maximizing on-screen real estate

When the learner clicks on one of the icons, it brings them to a page where the tablet is placed horizontally on the screen. This gives you more real estate for any text, videos and graphics you wan to include.

A sub-menu page for the lessons

I've created a page where the user can access all of the lessons. Here, you could easily add a custom "Completed" state to your lesson icons, so that when the user has visited the lesson, a checkmark appears (as the text on the slide indicates). 

Hope you like this simple tablet-style template I've created. This just shows you the endless graphic design possibilities that you can achieve simply using Storyline. Check out the published version of this Tablet-Design Template For Storyline and download the .story version of the file in the Downloads Section >> Tablet-Style Template.