Articulate Storyline's triggers and slide layers make it crazy-simple to build explorable content—like tabs interactions—in just minutes. Often, as folks experiment with creating interactive slides, they ask: "My triggers and layers are working great... but what if I have a few things on my slide's base layer that I'd rather not show when learners view a different layer? Is there a way to hide those items?"

A common example is this: say you've added some introductory info, or a "click the tabs" callout, on a slide's base layer. While these objects can be really helpful when learners first arrive at the slide, you might not want the objects to stay visible once learners start clicking the slide to reveal different layers of your interaction.  

The solution: on any slide layer, just turn off the visibility of whichever base-layer objects you want to hide. Here's how:

Dianne Gibson
Megan Cooper
Jeanette Brooks