One of the really powerful things about a community like E-Learning Heroes is that cool stuff often evolves into even more cool stuff.

Case in point: Tom shared a nifty Flip Card template in the E-Learning Heroes downloads area awhile back, and lots of folks have been using it in their e-learning courses. Then Mike Taylor came up with a great spinoff, because he needed something with more of an industrial theme. The result? Mike generously offered to share what he created, so now you have yet another free and useful resource for your e-learning projects.

Below is a published sample of Mike’s design, and you can get the source file for the template here.

View the published SampleGet the free download

Got Something of Your Own You’d Like to Share with Other E-Learning Heroes?

Everybody loves freebies! So if you’d like to follow Mike’s example and give away something you’ve made (such as a course template, cool graphics, fonts, or any other type of e-learning assets) here on E-Learning Heroes, here are some recommendations:

Share away! You’re welcome to post your resources in the forums anytime you want. Or, post your stuff on your own blog or on Twitter, and then spread the word by pasting the link into a forum thread.

Let us know if you think tons of other e-learning developers would love what you’ve made. Though we can’t guarantee that every submission will get added to the E-Learning Heroes downloads area, we do sometimes feature resources from the community under a Creative Commons share-and-share-alike license. Just drop a message to David or me if you think your resource is a good fit. Chances are greater if your submission is:

  • Super-practical and easy to use in a broad range of rapid e-learning projects.
  • Accompanied by a simple Screenr walk-through that tells the world how cool your resource is, and shows examples and simple how-tos for folks who are interested in using it.
  • Accompanied by a published example of how a designer could use the resource. (Kind of like Mike’s sample above — although you don’t have to provide a complete course; just a few slides would be fine.)

And of course if your work does end up in the Heroes downloads area, we’ll give you total credit for your awesomeness.

Share on!