In an earlier post, we looked at how you can re-order the quizzes and interactions that you've added as toolbar tabs at the top edge of your Presenter '09 player. In a conversation with an Articulate user this past week, a related question came up:  can you change the actual text on the tabs, without having to open up Quizmaker or Engage, and without having to re-insert it the quiz or interaction? Yes! And you can adjust the spacing around the tab text too. Here's the scoop:

Changing the text on the toolbar tabs

You can easily edit the text on the tabs by following these four steps:

  1. On the Articulate menu, click Engage Interaction or Quizmaker Quiz.
  2. Click Player Tabs, then select the item you want to edit.
  3. Click Edit Label and type whatever you want the tab to say.
  4. Click OK and Close.

That's it! Then just republish your presentation, and the new tab name will appear on your player. Here's a visual of the process:

Change the spacing around the toolbar tabs

You can also use the same approach to adjust the spacing between the tabs. Follow the steps listed above, only instead of altering the text itself, just add an equal amount of space before and after the tab text. This is a nice trick if you want to create just a little more breathing room between the tabs.

Here's a walk-through:

Jeanette Brooks