If you’re a keyboard shortcuts person like me, then you love any new combination of keys that lets you do something without having to click that pesky mouse. Or, heaven forbid, perform a whole series of mouse clicks. Well, with Articulate Storyline’s Quick Access toolbar, you can easily create your own shortcuts to save time and bypass those extra clicks.

The Quick Access toolbar is a customizable toolbar where you can put a set of commands, and they’re available from anywhere in Storyline. So even if you’re not a keyboard person, you might love the convenience of having your favorite commands from various tabs here.

Adding Buttons to the Quick Access toolbar

It’s super easy to customize your Quick Access toolbar. Just right-click the button for any Storyline feature and select Add to Quick Access Toolbar.

Your own personal keyboard shortcuts

By adding the features that you use the most to the Quick Access toolbar, you also make them available as keyboard shortcuts. To launch any of the commands on the Quick Access toolbar via a keyboard shortcut, press and hold the ALT key on your keyboard and then press the number key that matches the button you want to launch. For example, the first button on the Quick Access toolbar is "1," the second button is "2," etc.
Think it’s a neat shortcut? Go ahead and craft your very own personalized Quick Access toolbar. It has something to offer everyone—even if you’re not a keyboard person.
Post written by Mike Taylor

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Craig Hadden - Remote Possiblities
Craig Hadden - Remote Possiblities

BTW, recently I noticed some keyboard shortcuts don’t (always) work while editing in the Notes pane – where we put our voiceover script. For instance, often I want to preview just the current slide, which you can normally do by pressing Ctrl+F12. That’s why I just tried adding the Preview button to the toolbar, but sadly I found you can’t access its dropdown from the keyboard – pressing Alt 2 (when Preview's the 2nd button on the QAT) previews the entire project, without opening the Preview dropdown as I’d hoped. (Ironically, F12 and Shift+F12 seem to work more reliably in the Notes pane, but most often it’s just the current slide I want to preview, not the whole project or scene.) I’ve also had an issue where Ctrl+Z and Ctrl+Y don’t always work in the Notes pane, which has sometime... Expand