Matching drag-and-drop questions in Quizmaker ‘09 are an easy way to make your content more interactive. With this question type, you present a fixed list of items on the left, and draggable choices on the right. Learners drag and drop the choices, to form what they think are the best matching pairs.

But what about if you want to incorporate images in the question instead of just text? You can do that by leveraging the Slide View of Quizmaker’s question editor. Here’s a walk-through of how to do it:

  1. In Quizmaker, click Graded Question and choose Matching Drag and Drop for the question type.
  2. When the Form View of the question editor appears, enter your question text, and then enter your choices and matches. The text you enter in the Choice column won’t be seen by your learners (they’ll see an image instead) — so whatever you put there is really just for your own reference.
  3. Click Slide View.
  4. Choose Insert>Picture and insert the pictures you want to use in place of the items listed in the left-hand column. In my example in the screencast above, I used images of three different musical instruments.
  5. If you like, resize the bounding box of the drag-and-drop items so that the draggable items on the right are a width that looks nice with your text.
  6. Now position each of your images on top of the appropriate items in the left-hand column, so that the images cover up the text.
  7. If there’s too much of the puzzle-piece-shapes showing behind the images, you can use the Insert>Shape tool to draw a shape that covers up the parts that you don’t want to be visible.
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