Quizmaker ‘09 gives you lots of room to set your own preferences for the way your quizzes—and even the individual questions within them—are scored.

To make sure the assessments you build result in the data you need, see these tutorials:

Setting the Pass/Fail Cutoff for a Quiz
Assigning Point Values to Graded Questions

What If I’m Building a Survey but Decide to Add Scoring?

By definition, a survey is ungraded, and the questions in it don’t have any scores associated with them. But if you’re building a survey and you decide you want to also include some graded questions and scoring, all you need to do is convert your survey to a quiz, which is really easy. Just click the Graded Question button on the Quizmaker toolbar.

Answer Yes to the prompt:

Then you’ll be able to add graded questions as well as set up a pass/fail score and pass/fail result slides for your quiz. And if your file contains survey questions you added previously, that’s fine—graded and ungraded (survey) questions can co-exist in the same quiz file, no problem.

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