Presenter ‘09 allows you to sync animations with existing audio, or to sync on-the-fly while you record your narration. The sync-while-recording option is the ultimate in efficiency, because you’re tackling two tasks in one step. If you’ve used Presenter’s recording and syncing tools a time or two, you’ll probably find it pretty easy to combine them into one seamless process. In this tutorial we’ll see how.

TIP: Savvy developers often place their script in PowerPoint's slide notes, because this allows you to see your text while recording. To make your notes viewable in the recording window, open your presentation in PowerPoint and, on the Articulate menu, select Presentation Options > Other and mark  Show notes pane on narration window. Then click OK.

  1. Make sure that the animations you want to sync are set to "On Click" in the PowerPoint animation pane. Here's why.
  2. With your presentation open in PowerPoint, go to a slide where you want to record narration and sync animations. On the Articulate menu, click Record Narration.
  3. Click Start Recording — and then start talking! The Start Recording button changes to Next Animation
  4. Click Next Animation whenever you want the next animation to appear. Above this button, Presenter shows how many animations are left to sync on the current slide.
  5. When you're done syncing and recording, click the stop button.
  6. Now just click the play button to see how everything looks and sounds. If you're happy with the result, use the slide selector to jump to a different slide, where you can record and sync some more. Or click Save & Close if you're finished.

If your narration or syncing aren't quite the way you want them and you want to re-do them, just click Start Recording again. Presenter will replace your previous narration and syncing with whatever you record.

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