Unwrap These 8 Festive Holiday-Themed Examples and Downloads Built in Storyline

We’re just about through the year, which means folks are in the holiday spirit. The E-Learning Heroes community is going all in with festive course examples and downloads featuring everything from snowscapes and Santas to fireplaces and Frosty the Snowman.

Not only are these projects absolutely gorgeous, many of them also showcase new and powerful features in Storyline 360. You’ll notice the random numbers variable in the mix as well as illustrated characters from Content Library and more.

We hope you’ll enjoy this collection of eight yuletide treasures as much as we have!

  1. Use these Christmas characters by Tania Vercoelen in your own interactions.
  2. Ridvan Saglam uses an animated timer to challenge learners on their Christmas vocabulary in this example.
  3. Share a present with the E-Learning Heroes community in Zsolt Olah’s impressive example.
  4. Build your own stunning quiz about Christmas—or any other topic!—with this sleek download by Nick Russell.
  5. In LJ Beaupre’s example, you play a penguin who must answer challenging questions correctly to earn holiday gifts.
  6. Montse Anderson’s example lets you pick out a holiday outfit for your favorite e-learning characters.
  7. This addictive game by Niyeda Suliveres uses emojis in a very clever way.
  8. Customize your holiday greeting with this festive animation by Aman Vohra.

Ho-ho-hold on, there! Don’t go just yet. Visit this E-Learning Challenge Recap for more holiday-themed interactions. And to check out Storyline 360 and all the other apps and resources you need for the course development process, give Articulate 360 a try for 30 days free.

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