When you’re in Articulate Storyline, you probably spend the majority of your time working on individual slides in Slide View. But, there are definitely times when it’s helpful to use Story View for a big picture perspective. Story View displays all your slides as thumbnail images so it’s easy to organize and arrange your course content. To help get your slides and scenes arranged just the way you like, here are some cool things you can do in Story View:

Add a new slide:

To add a new slide in Story View, from the Home tab click the New Slide button. Or, right-click the slide that you want the new slide to follow and choose New Slide. Either way, the Insert Slides pane appears so you can select the layout or type of slide to insert.

Move a slide:

To rearrange slides, just click and drag a slide to the place you want it to be. When you drag a slide to a different place, a small blue arrow will appear to show where it’ll be inserted. Release your mouse button to drop the slide into place.

Duplicate a slide:

Right-click the slide and choose Duplicate. You can also use copy and paste to make a copy of your slide.

Delete a slide:

To delete a slide, click the slide to select it and then press Delete. Or, right-click the slide and choose Delete.

Rename a slide or scene:

Double-click the title to change it, or right-click the title and choose Rename

Change the starting scene:

Select the scene and from the Home tab, click the Starting Scene button. The starting scene is always displayed as the leftmost scene in Story View.

Add a new scene:

To add a new scene in Story View, click the Home tab and choose New Scene. Or, right-click anywhere in the Story View workspace and choose New Scene.

Delete a scene:

Select the scene you want to delete and then press Delete. Or, right-click the scene and choose Delete from the resulting menu. Remember, deleting a scene will also delete all the slides it contains.

Rearrange scenes:

Watch this tutorial to learn how to adjust the order of your scenes in Story View:

If you want to try this yourself but don’t have Storyline, no problem. Just sign up for a fully functional, free trial. And don’t forget to post your questions and comments in the forums. We’re here to help! For more e-learning tips, examples, and downloads, follow us on Twitter.

Sandra Collins
Richard Slate
Sandra Collins