Quizmaker ‘09 has a handy feature called “randomization and pooling”—this allows you to shuffle your quiz questions so that whenever your quiz is launched, users see the questions in a different order. It also allows you to show a different subset of questions each time, if you like. It only takes a few steps to get this set up:

Step 1: Organize Your Questions into Groups

Pooling and randomization can be applied to all your questions, or just questions in a specific group—it's up to you. If you want to set up different behavior for different questions, you can group them accordingly.

For example, if you're covering three main topics in your quiz, you can organize the questions into three groups, by topic. That way, you can shuffle just the questions in a specific group if you want, and you can choose how many questions from each group your users will see. Question grouping is invisible to the user—it's just a tool that you use on the development side to organize things. If you want to randomize all questions across your quiz as a whole, that’s fine too; by default, when you start a quiz, all the questions in that quiz are considered to be in one group, unless you choose otherwise.

Here's how to group your questions:

  1. Open your quiz in Quizmaker and click the Question Group button. It’s a small icon on the Insert section of the toolbar. When you click it, Quizmaker adds a group divider to the end of your question list.
  2. If you want to name your question groups to make it easier to organize them, double-click on any group divider and type a new name.
  3. Now just click and drag the questions in your question list to the appropriate group to organize them.

Step 2: Randomize the Groups

To make your quiz questions appear in a random order when you publish, select the group name of any question group and then click Randomize Group. Quizmaker will add the words Randomize All Questions after the group name, to indicate that the group will be randomized when users take the quiz.

Step 3: Choose the Sample Size

If you want to include only a certain number of questions from a particular group, use the Include dropdown to choose how many questions from that group you want your users to see.

If you want certain questions to always appear in your quiz in a certain place, you can click the Lock Question dropdown to specify that:

That's all there is to it! When you publish, for any group you've randomized, users will see the questions in a random order—but any locked questions will be shown in the position you've specified. And if you've chosen a sample size for any question group, users will see only that number of questions from each group.

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