Why Rise Is a Kick-Butt Multi-Device Authoring Tool

Smartphones and tablets are everywhere, and they’re changing the way we learn. Employees can access the performance support they need right when they need it. But mobile learning also presents challenges for e-learning developers. 

One of the major challenges course creators face is the sheer number of different mobile devices. New models with their own technical specifications (screen size, operating system, etc.) come out all the time. How can course creators deliver an optimal learning experience, no matter what device the learner is using?

Some e-learning authoring tools require authors to customize layouts for different devices, one at a time. When you do that you’re basically creating the same course, over and over again. What a chore.

We believe that technology, not course authors, should do the heavy lifting to ensure a great learner experience on every device, every time. That’s why we’ve developed Rise 360, a web-based authoring tool for building inherently responsive (and visually stunning!) courses. 

What makes Rise 360 different from other responsive authoring tools? Simply put, it makes creating responsive courses super easy. You can build courses right in your browser with the confidence that they’ll work automatically on any device with no additional effort on your part. And one of the amazing things about Rise 360 is how gorgeous every course looks. With Rise 360, you’ll get a professional, beautiful course every time.

Intriguing, right? Let’s take a closer look.

Quickly Build Responsive Courses In Your Browser

All you need is your web browser and your ideas. With no software to download, this intuitive web app is easy enough for anyone to use.

Start with a course outline, or build each lesson as you go. It’s up to you. As your course evolves, you can make quick changes to the order of lessons anytime by dragging them wherever you want them. And no matter what lesson types you choose, your course will look truly gorgeous, effortlessly.

Ready to see how it’ll look for your learners? Preview each lesson separately or view the course as a whole with just one click.

Create Gorgeous, Mobile-Optimized Lessons Easily 

Rise 360 makes it easy to build e-learning quickly. And it's not just for mobile. The content you create in Rise 360 works in any browser and on any device.

In addition to being mobile-friendly, Rise 360 courses are also modern, elegant, and easy to brand. Just drop in your company colors and you’re all set.

To build lessons in Rise 360, simply mix and match different learning blocks to create unique learning experiences. 

Let’s take a quick look at few examples of the different kinds of blocks can you build with Rise 360.


Walk learners through a process, present information in chronological order with an interactive timeline, give learners a visual tour of an image or a diagram, and more. Building engaging, interactive content online is a cinch with Rise 360.


Allow learners to check their understanding or engage content more thoughtfully with multiple choice questions. 


Capture your learners’ attention by adding engaging videos or practical screencasts you create with Peek 360 or Replay 360.

These look beautiful, right? That’s what you get whenever you create e-learning content with Rise 360.

Give Your Learners The Freedom To Learn Anytime, Anywhere, On Any Device, In One Click 

Publishing your course is a breeze. Every course you create in Rise 360 adapts automatically to every smartphone, tablet, and computer. You don’t need to call IT or spend hours manually tweaking your course to fit every screen size or account for every breakpoint.

Lessons authored in Rise 360 are inherently responsive without sacrificing your content. The content in your course will reflow to properly fit the screen on any device your learner is using.

All lessons authored in Rise 360 are SCORM- and Tin Can API-compliant, so they play seamlessly in your LMS.

So what makes Rise 360 so awesome? It’s fast, simple responsive course authoring, done right.

Iain MacLaren
Iain MacLaren
Iain MacLaren
Donna O

Hi - thanks for what appears to be a great new tool! I am a long-time Articulate (Presenter, SL1 and SL2) user, but a customer wants to use Rise for its responsiveness; having their courses display well on mobile devices is of primary importance to them. With that in mind, I need to know (before I buy and start using it, in a limited contract time-frame): 1) Is there a limit to number and size (in MB/GB) of how many videos can be supported in a course done in Rise? They have a LOT of video content for the course. 2) Can I do any video interactivity in Rise, as is possible in SL2? 3) Can Rise publish to SCORM 1.2 so they can host it on their own server? 4) Can I access the content files and pull Rise work into SL2? 5) They have specific fonts and icons they want to use. Is t... Expand

Allison LaMotte
Allison LaMotte
Iain MacLaren