What you need to know about working with videos in Presenter

Videos are a great way to enhance your e-learning and make your online courses more engaging. You can use videos to show learners how to perform a task, to model behavioral skills, to provide a human element and personal touch to your courses, and more. Here are some of the top things you should know about working with videos in Presenter ’13.

Insert Video from a File, Website, or Webcam

Three ways you can add video to your Presenter project are to insert an existing video file, to embed a video from a website, or to create a new recording with a webcam and use that video. To do any of these, simply navigate to the Articulate tab on the ribbon and click the drop-down arrow under “Video.” There you’ll see the various options for inserting your video.

Editing Videos Is Easy

Once you’ve added a video to your project, you can do some simple video editing right within Presenter ’13. For example, you can trim a video (if you only need to use part of it) and crop a video (if you need to change the height or width). You can also edit the sound level and adjust the brightness and contrast. It’s also really easy to add a watermark or logo to a video.

Add a Video to the Presenter Panel

In addition to adding videos to your slides, did you know you can add a video to the Presenter Panel in the player? To do this, simply navigate to the Articulate tab and select “Add Presenter Video” under the Video drop-down menu. You can add a different video to the Presenter Panel for every slide in your course. This is a great way to add your narration or supplement slide content with information and multimedia.

Videos Are Automatically Compressed

One last thing you should know about using video with Presenter ’13 is that the publishing process will compress your videos and optimize them, so you get the highest possible quality for the smallest possible file size. We always recommend that you insert the highest quality video you have available, and let Articulate handle the rest.

There you have it! Three super-easy tips that will have you working with videos like a pro in no time. Do you have any experiences of your own using video in e-learning courses created with Presenter ’13? If you do, please leave a comment. We love to hear your feedback!

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