Here are two elearning examples created by TechChange that creates a lot of training for various partners in the international and humanitarian sectors.

These demos were built with Articulate Storyline.

Click here to view the elearning examples:

Laura Payette
Jackie Van Nice

Both sure packed a ton of info into well-organized and easily-navigable courses! Lisa: The Resources section of the second one is a lightbox slide that can pretty much do what a normal slide can do. Looks like they put the graphic of the bookshelf and books on that slide and hyperlinked them to the resources. I think the little arrows that take you from lightbox slide to lightbox slide (or layer to layer) are just triggered objects, too. Here's a good tutorial that explains how to add a lightbox tab to your player: I really like that they put the transcript in as a player tab, too. Nice and clean. Here's a quick tutorial about how to make that happen: Expand

Jackie Van Nice
Catherine Shen