Articulate 13 - Guided Image - Text Format of Steps

With Articulate 13, how do I format the text of a step. We want some step words to appear in bold, but the step words do not seem to be affected by the Format Text options in the ribbon.

Also, is there a way to enlarge the step text area for editing?  We are only seeing a couple of lines in the editor and have to scroll after the second line.

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Jane,

Are you referring to the "label text" (that shows below the media), or the label title (that shows over the media)?

If you're wanting to format the label text/description that shows below the media, you'll want to highlight that text and then apply the formatting.

As you can see from the screenshots, you can apply a new font face/type to the text after selecting. You can also apply bold or font size changes to the text.

If you're wanting to modify the title for the label, that's currently not possible with Engage '13. If you'd like to see more options for this interaction type, I would recommend sending your feedback to our development team. 

I hope this helps!