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Dave Newgass

Hello Lorna,

This community is great, so help is on the way.....

I would recommend taking a look at not only the tutorials you mention, but also the Blogs by the Articulate 'insiders'.  If you troll through those, you should begin to gain an idea of what you want to implement.

As far as Presenter v Engage.....

Presenter is the 'main tool' you will use along side Power Point to create your material.  Engage is a stand along product that enables you to built interactions to help you get your learning material/points across to the end user.  For example, let's say you have a process you are trying to teach, you can pick a specific Engage Interation to help (there is even one specific to 'processes'!)  You have the ability to add movies, sound, graphics.....it's all down to your imagination (which is where I lack!).

From there, you can 'publish' the Engage interaction to your Presenter Power Point.  When you publish the 'Presenter' course, the Engage interaction will be there.  You can also have the Engage interactions as a stand alone...it depends on how you design your courses and whether or not you are using an LMS.

I hope that helps a little.....I'm sure your head is going to explode, but hang in there.



Peter Anderson

Welcome to Heroes, Lorna!

As Dave said, you're definitely in the right place! My advice would be the same as Dave's- start with the tutorials and come back here for questions, suggestions and support whenever you need it. And here's a thread from another user who was new to Articulate at the time. Some really good ideas there. Don't hesitate to pop-in whenever you want- we're here to help!

Good luck!