Challenge! (i miss my template...)

New to this, so not sure I'm in the right forum, but here goes:

I used to work in an LMS with it's own tool for production, one where I was actually involved in making the interaction templates way back in 1993. I'm happy to have moved on to Articulate with so much more quality and possibilities.

But... there is one template that I truly miss...

This template gave the student a drag-and-drop excerzise that really helped with sorting large amounts of new information, repeting and organizing the information in your brain.

When making an excersize you could chose to have 1-7 boxes (more is just confusing)

You then named each box/categories (say Europe, North America, Asia)

For every box/categori you put down the words to sort (France, Germany, Slovakia, Greece) (Canada, USA, Mexico) (Japan, Burma, Philipines, India)

On the screen the student would get a set of boxes namned EUROPA, NORTH AMERICA, ASIA and on the bottom of the screen would be all the countries so you could drag-and-drop them to the right box/category.

If you tried to drag France into ASIA it would go BOING and pop back out (no need to even get a visual of something being wrong. But when you dropped France into Europa it settled there. 

A variation was to have the words (France, Japan, Slovakia...) come flying in from left to right and you had to grab it before it disappeared. Slow pace or fast pace.

Or to just have a timer.

You could also put in 'Jokers' (Colombia, Kongo, New Zealand...) That were not supposed to fit into any of the boxes.

It didn't necessarily render points, or 'level of completion to pass' - it was mostly used for repetition and training while learning.

... i loved that template. and so did most of the students submitted to it.

It was very basic but I can think of a million topics where students need to repeat and categorize to learn.

(I worked with the emergency dispatch and there was just sooo much information they had to learn by heart)

Any suggestions on how to go about making that kind of thing in Articulate???



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