Changing Numbering Sequence

Jun 30, 2023

I am setting up the second engage in a numbering series. Since the first Engage went from 1 - 5. I want the second Engage to have numbers fro 6 - 12. How can I get the numbering sequence to change to reflect the numbers 6 - 12?




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Jose Tansengco

Hi Lisa, 

Happy to help!

Would you mind clarifying which one of the 20 Engage 360 interactions did you use so I can check if what you are trying to do is supported? Feel free to share a copy of your Engage 360 project file here or by opening a case with our support team so we can use that instead to view the interaction you created.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Lisa Simons

Of course! The Engage Interaction is called "Labeled Panel". I have attached it. Again, I need the numbers to go from 6 - 12. And they look fine on the preview.

But when you publish the course, the numbers go back to the bad sequence. See below.
Thank you!


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