Changing Size of Pyramid Layers

Jul 30, 2012

1. Is there a way to manually change the size of the layers in the pyramid diagram?

2. Is there a way to superimpose a title or create a title for a layer of a pyramid which contains several segments?

For example, if my pyramid has three layers:

Top Layer: Late colonizers (one segment)

Middle Layer: Middle colonizers (one segment)

Bottom Layer: Early colonizers (4 segments) How can I indicate that these four segments fall under the title of "early colonizers"?

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Jeanette Brooks

Hi there Tanya,

Unfortunately there isn't really a way to add another label to identify the entire bottom layer of your pyramid. What you might be able to do though is use a variant of the same name for each segment of your bottom layer, like in the example below. File's attached in case you want to look closer.

Anne Goldenberger

My question is related to this - I'm trying to fit the word 'Eliminate' in the top of the pyramid.  Is it possible to change the font of the title of the segments?

I've been trying to apply 'Arial Narrow', or make the font smaller to make the word fit, but nothing I do seems to have any effect on the title, just the description.

Anne Goldenberger

Thanks Jeannette.  Yes, that’s the word I’m trying to fit, but I have four layers in my pyramid.

 I just discovered, however, that the way to change the title font is in the Interaction Properties, so now I’m fiddling with other condensed/narrow fonts to find one that works!  (I had been trying to change the font at the layer level, but that wasn’t helping any.) 

Unfortunately, none of the fonts I have are great - this is the best one I've been able to come up with -

Jeanette Brooks

Hi again Anne! I see what you mean, and yeah, with additional layers on the pyramid, the top part does get smaller and text might not fit. Unfortunately there's not really a way to directly control the font size of the layers, so choosing a narrower font (as you've already done) is really your best bet. Your Ligurino Condensed font looks pretty good. Agency FB is another one that might work, and also Tw Cen MT Condensed (see below) . That said, we do welcome feature requests, so please feel free to share your thoughts with the dev team regarding more flexibility with font sizes.

Agency FB:

Tw Cen MT Condensed:

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