Coding - changing from an image to video

Apr 07, 2011

I am trying to have an image change to a movie instead of zoom into it when the user clicks on it.  Here is code from both a video and an image zoom.  Can anyone help here please?  

<image width="246" height="159" zoomheight="453" playbar="false" autoplay="false" zoomwidth="700" zoommode="Embedded" allowzoom="true" align="topleft" duration="0" framerate="30" name="image0.jpg" zoomimage="imageZoom0.jpg" />

<image width="320" height="240" zoomheight="270" playbar="true" autoplay="true" zoomwidth="480" zoommode="Embedded" allowzoom="false" align="top" duration="30093" framerate="30" name="video0.flv" zoomimage="" />

Thanks in advance.


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