Copy & Paste a table in Word to Engage


I am transferring a report from Word into Engage, in order to make it accessible to our staff.

Carrying out a straight Copy and Paste of the narrative is simple, however, the parts of the document that contain tables or charts, when copied over, looks like gobbledygook.

As you may have guessed, I am not an IT wizard, and the solution may be simple, but please can anyone direct me as to how I am able to do this, or any alternate solutions?

Your help is much appreciated


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Phil Mayor

Hi Nina

engage does not support tables, one solution I use is to create the table in powoerpoint publ;ish that in articulate, I then navigate in the published folder to dat/swf and pull the slide#.swf where # is the number of your slide and insert that into engage.  What this should do is make the table clearer than inserting an image

You can also animate and annotate (using ppt animations) your table before inserting

Hope this helps