Embed Video not playing in published Engage slide.

Hi Team,


I have an Engage slide in my published presentation which won't play. (embeded code from You Tube)

Previously it has worked no problem. Found there was an issue prior to Update 5, but I've had this since it came out so not sure what is causing problems. 


When you get to the Engage slide in the published presentation, it shows the image for the start of the video clip, but there is no play bar etc. (although I've set this to play automatically)

Are you able to look at the attached file and see what you can find?

Video clip in question is in the "H2Zero Waterless Urinal" tab.



Kind regards






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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Graeme,

I published this using Engage '13 Update 5 and loaded a copy here to Tempshare and the video as a first part of the interaction played as expected - you'll see the playbar was included and the video starts automatically. Please let us know how that version works for you. 

If you're seeing a different behavior could you tell us about where you're testing and hosting your published content?