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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Nicole!

Currently, Articulate Storyline doesn't support importing content from Articulate Presenter '13, Articulate Quizmaker '13, or Articulate Engage '13. We're working to make this feature available in a free update for Storyline.

I'm not sure if adding as a web object would assist you, but if so you can can check out this thread.

Samarpan Dutta

Hi Leslie,

I too received the same error as Nicole. I recently upgraded from Studio 09 and was looking forward to leveraging the new (and old) Engage interactions in my Storyline projects.

Is there a rough timeline around when we can expect this compatibility fix to be available to users?



Christine Hendrickson

Hi Dan and welcome to the community!

Nancy is correct - this hasn't been released just yet.

We are working on a free update for Storyline that will add the support of new content created in Studio '13. 

In the meantime, I recommend following us on the following sites:

We'll announce the release of any new updates on those social pages, as well as any related threads here on the forums, so be sure to subscribe to this thread. 


David Dobson

I am not trying to pour the salt on the wound... but this thread started in Oct of 2013... Come on!!! I just upgraded and am running into the same issue. What do you need from this community to make this a priority?

BTW - The Nov post from Mr. Wilcox read as very curt and disrespectful to the users trying to use Articulate products... Maybe a remedial customer service class in in order.

Justin Wilcox

Hi Dave.

Thanks for your feedback. I wasn't trying to be curt or disrespectful, I was relaying information. You can currently import Studio '09 content into Storyline. We don't have immediate plans to address this issue at this time. Due to the technical differences between Studio '09 and Studio '13, we are still in the process of evaluating adding this functionality into our product road maps.

Bruce Younger

So ... last month I convinced my manager to allow me to purchase Storyline and Engage so that I could create and add interactive components to make the training material much more "Engaging". You can imagine my managers disappointment and most likely reprimand, for not fully researching the product when I will have to report to her that the $1400 she spent for Storyline, the additional $999 for the character pack and the other $500 for Engage is a near waste. I don't know about you, but I am new to this job and to gain the trust to make a purchase was hard to come by and now will be even greater to regain. I also see now, after being directed to this forum by Articulates technical support that this is a pretty big deal, and they no longer want to field questions that involve this lack of functionality but would rather the forum deliver the bad news. When will these products be functional as a package, it is very important because I have a deadline and a big part of it depends on me being able to import the Engage interactives into Storyline.

Christine Hendrickson

We recently updated the article on this topic:

Articulate Storyline Doesn't Support Content from Articulate Studio '13

Currently, Articulate Storyline doesn't support importing content directly from Articulate Presenter '13, Articulate Quizmaker '13, or Articulate Engage '13.

We're working to make this feature available in a future version of Storyline.

However, you can publish Studio '13 content for web, then embed it in Storyline as a web object. For example, here's how you'd insert an Engage '13 interaction in Storyline.

If you haven't already done so, I'd recommend trying the suggestion provided in the article. Though it's not the same as inserting directly, the functionality is similar and may help with your projects. 

We'll share any additional information or updates as soon as we have more information on this functionality. 


Alyssa Gomez

Hello Kingsford!

There is nothing currently built into Storyline that allows you to do this, but it would make a great feature request.  I will point you to this older thread that has a solution from a community member that may or may not be what you are looking for, but it is worth a shot.  Please do reach out if you have any further questions!