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Jun 10, 2019

Hey Everyone,

Does anyone know how to increase the size of the zoom region explanation box? I have screens and documents that I need to explain field by field. Normally I would make a video, but there isn't time so I tried using the engage zoom interaction. It works beautifully, but with a lot of explanation the scroll shrinks really small and it is tedious for users to only see on or two lines of text at a time. Does anyone know how to increase this box? Or have another suggestion for explaining doc like this line by line?

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Katie Riggio

Hi, Megan. Thanks for sharing what you're seeing, and great question!

Currently, there isn't a way to format the size of the accompanying text box within an Engage image zoom interaction. Click here to see the elements you can set within this interaction!

A few questions, and some approaches we can try:

  • Could you share more detail on the image in your screenshot: What options are selected for Position and Size? And if you can attach the original image here, I'm happy to take a closer look!
  • Would a labeled graphic interaction work for what you're looking to do? (With this interaction, the text boxes will expand to fit the text.)

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