Engage Interaction Imported into Storyline Not Functioning when Published to LMS

Dec 20, 2022

I have an Engage interaction that I imported into a Storyline project.  I would like the learner to be able to pause the Engage conversation.  In the Player features, I have Seekbar selected and in Engage that allows me to pause the conversation.  Once I have imported the Engage interaction into my Storyline project and review the slide, the seek bar allows me to pause the slide even though the Engage interaction is unavailable during review.  When I publish the project to LMS, the seek bar is displayed and allows me to click play or pause but the conversation does not pause.

Is there a way to get the seek bar to function correctly in the published version?

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John Morgan

Hi Kristine,

Thanks for asking about this! It sounds like everything is working until you load it to the LMS. Have you tested your course in SCORM cloud? It's an online LMS environment that can be used to figure out whether the issue is with the LMS or the Story file. If your Engage interaction pauses as it should using SCORM cloud, then your issue is something that needs to be addressed with the LMS.

I hope this helps!