Engage Interactions display out of order when published

Jul 21, 2020

Hi, I have a Storyline 360 project and I imported several Engage 360 interactions into my project.  When I publish the project to Review 360 and view it, all of my slides are out of order.  The Engage slides usually end up at the end of the Storyline list.  I have gone into each slide and set up a trigger to specifically go to the next slide but they are all still out of whack.  I really want to use the Engage interactions but I need them to play in the correct order.  I have tried using Chrome and Edge but the result is the same.  HELP!!!! 

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Katie Riggio

Hi Sheila,

Thanks for your post! I see that my teammate, Vevette, recommended the steps below:

Slide order is usually controlled by the trigger assignment for the Next button. More details on how to change the order here: Changing the Navigation Order of Scenes and Slides

If you're using the player menu, you can change the order of slides in the player menu and even remove slides from there. However, it won't affect the actual order in which your slides display. More details here: Customizing the Menu

I'm sorry to hear that the order is still incorrect. Are you comfortable with sharing the .story file with us for testing? We'll dig in to find the cause and let you know our findings!

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